The Perfect V – Beauty Mist

The Perfect V

kr 300,00 

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The Perfect V
30 ml

Refresh. Revitalize. Perfect.
Refreshes And Perfects The V Any Time, Any Place.

  1. Hydrates, refreshes and soothes the delicate skin
  2. pH balanced
  3. Neutralizes odor with a fresh light scent
  4. Leaves the skin conditioned and soft to the touch
  5. Rosa Damascena Flower Water is a natural Skin conditioner and deodorizer
  6. Cloudberry Fruit Extract soothes and strengthens skin
  7. Bilberry Fruit Extracts anti-inflammatory and reduces redness
  8. Sea Buckhorn soothes skin
  9. VV Beauty Mist - 30 ml


Refresh your V with a light spritz any time of day or night. Use daily as part of your beauty VANICURE™ regimen.

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