The Perfect V – Very V Intensive Cream

The Perfect V

kr 520,00 

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The Perfect V
50 ml

Intimkrem som beroliger og reparerer huden etter hårfjerning. 
Minimerer røde prikker og ingrodde hår.

Beauty Cream For The V With A Problem Or Two.
Calm. Soothe. Condition.
Intensive But Gentle Repair From The Damaging Effects Of Hair Removal.

  1. Hydrates, smooths, delivers radiance to skin
  2. Nurtures and improves the delicate skin’s texture
  3. Helps to address problems and helps prevent red bumps & ingrown hairs
  4. Quick dry down, melts into skin, soft after touch
  5. The ultimate pampering cream for The Perfect V
  6. Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates and works to alleviate in-grown hairs and red bumps
  7. Bilberry Fruit Extract acts as anti-inflammatory to reduce redness
  8. Sea Buckthorn soothes and calms delicate skin
  9. VV Cream Very V Intensive - 50 ml


For best results, lightly towel dry the V area and apply a small pearl of cream. Use daily as part of your beauty VANICURE™ regimen.

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