A Lab on Fire – Sweet Dreams 2003 EDC

A Lab on Fire

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  • A Lab on Fire – Sweet Dreams 2003 EDC
  • A Lab on Fire – Sweet Dreams 2003 EDC
  • A Lab on Fire – Sweet Dreams 2003 EDC

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A Lab on Fire
Eau de Cologne
60 ml
Floral Oriental
Perfumer: Thierry Wasser

Il était un fois… A talented perfumer in New York City drafted one of his most prized creations, then left it behind with a friend when he escaped the city for a new beginning in Paris. This ode to a better life captured the essence of stolen moments on a perfect beach, basking in the sunlight, listening to the Mediterranean lull. His creation was safe guarded, a priceless sliver of his past. Now, we can all visit that moment; we can all bask in his achievement.

Juicy, fun loving, and timeless, Sweet Dreams 2003 captures a moment in time. What to do when a good friend who just happens to be Perfumer Thierry Wasser leaves behind a perfume formula before he starts his new life in Paris…bottle it. A Lab on Fire brings to us Wasser’s haiku that captures a day lulled and mesmerized by the Mediterranean. Simply stated this is sunshine in a bottle. Perfect for the delicate scent obsessed who long for definition and character. Orange flower and jasmine’s natural affinity to bergamot and pettigrain create a juicy bite that is hit with a creamy floral quality, the blossom meets the fruit. Castoreum brings a leathery smokiness; amber keeps it warm and comfortable. 

Topnotes: Bergamot, neroli, petitgrain
Mid notes: Orange flower, jasmine
Base notes: Musk, amber, castoreum

Style: Classic, fresh


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