Baggu x Heaven Scent handlenett

Heaven Scent

kr 150,00 

  • Baggu x Heaven Scent handlenett
  • Baggu x Heaven Scent handlenett
  • Baggu x Heaven Scent handlenett

Dette produktet er for øyeblikket utsolgt

Nylon-nett i 40 % resirkulert nylon laget i samarbeid med Baggu. Hvite og mørkegrønne striper og rosa logo.

Baggu & Sustainability:

Recycled Ripstop Nylon

All of our Ripstop Nylon styles, including our namesake reusable bags, are made with 40% recycled material. We're using a recycled nylon filament yarn produced from pre-consumer waste, which means we're saving scrap material from landfill, and in turn helping conserve petroleum resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also use environmentally responsible dyes that are fully absorbed by the material during production, minimizing runoff.

Why 40%?

The short answer is: It's a better product! By weaving recycled and non-recycled fibers together, we're able to produce a bag that's ready for everyday use and meets the standards of strength and durability our customers have come to expect.