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Escentric Molecules

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Escentric Molecules
50 ml

Wode eau de parfum is a collaboration between British fashion label BOUDICCA, and anti-fragrance rebels, Escentric Molecules

Fragrance Structure

Wode is a fragrance landscape with all the darkness and depth of oudh, but with a richer, far more sensual radiance; a scent whose carnal warmth is shot through with the resins of a shadowy northern forest, evoking the mathematical purity of an ice crystal.

Wode brings together rare oils such as black hemlock and raw opium, decadent saffron and tuberose, and blends musk and amber with jasmine, blonde tobacco and cumin.

The result is a provocation as fiercely individual as it is erotic.

The name derives from woad, the dark blue plant extract used by the ancient Britons to paint themselves with tribal markings as they went into battle. “Scent too marks you as one of a tribe,” says Zowie Broach of BOUDICCA, “but its uniqueness is that it marks you invisibly.”

Wode eau de parfum developed from Wode Paint & Scent, an art project by BOUDICCA and Geza Schoen. It is designed to be worn by individualists of all genders. The packaging for Wode eau de parfum, designed by MeCompany, is stamped with layers of tribal tattoo patterns, laser-etched into a micro-textured foil for a hyper-modern take on BOUDICCA’s British heritage.

Notes: Juniper, cardamon, pink pepper, black pepper, nutmeg, clary sage, coriander seed, jasmin, rose, tuberose, angelica root, Opium accord, saffron, tonka bean, styrax, amber, treemoss, musk, leather, sandalwood, blonde tobacco


Created by Geza Schoen, the perfumer behind Escentric Molecules, Wode is designed for fearless expressionists. It takes the wearer on a multi-layered journey through warmth and coolness, animal notes and abstract elements.
Hugely respected for their integrity and depth of design, BOUDICCA were the first independant British fashion house invited to be a guest member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris. They showed their first haute couture collection in January 2007 to rave reviews.

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