BYREDO – EdP – Sundazed


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  • BYREDO – EdP – Sundazed
  • BYREDO – EdP – Sundazed

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Citrus Sweet, 2019
Eau de parfum
50 ml/100 ml/

Adjective: SUNDAZED. To be seduced by the sun in a state of summer bliss. To bask in the freedom of solar worship, a place where time stands still.

A mythical undoing of body and mind in a mid-summer’s daydream.The state of total immersion - an addictive experience for sun-chasers everywhere. 

In a psychosomatic journey of free love, SUNDAZED catapults through sunny top notes of mandarin and Californian lemon to a bold heart of neroli and Arabian jasmine.

Like cotton candy, a cascade of white musk injects this citrus scent with the endorphin rush of sugar on skin. 

Nostalgia and escapism entwine to channel the warmth of an endless summer. 

Top: Lemon, Mandarin
Heart: Jasmin Sambac, Neroli
Base: Cotton Candy, Musk

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