BYREDO – EdP – Unnamed


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  • BYREDO – EdP – Unnamed
  • BYREDO – EdP – Unnamed

Dette produktet er for øyeblikket utsolgt


Eau de parfum
100 ml

Back in 2016, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of BYREDO, Ben Gorham decided to propose a nameless
fragrance that left us free to create our own associations, with no semantic boundaries.
BYREDO enthusiasts haven’t stopped asking for the return of Unnamed, and here it is available for a short while in very limited quantities.

No name. No direction. Just an immaculate label, the promise of a story to write as your own. A blank page
upon which your feelings may flow.

Nestled in the white case, a set of letters printed in the unique BYREDO typography provides endless
possibilities of the perfect name for this fragrance. Initials, a first name, a dream destination, a lucky number, a
special moment, a time of day or night, an emblem. Countless poetic ways to mark your olfactory presence.  

Notes: To discover.

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