BYREDO – Hair Perfume – Bibliotheque


kr 500,00 

Dette produktet er for øyeblikket utsolgt.

Vennligst fyll inn skjemaet under, dersom du ønsker beskjed når varen er på lager igjen.

75 ml

Fans of the brand have often asked for this best-selling fragrance to be included as a part of the fragrance line. We are happy to announce that Bibliothèque is now a part of the permanent collection and is available as a limited-edition hair perfume and hand cream.

A single spritz along the nape of your neck is all you need to capture the vibrant atmosphere of a world in suspension—one rich with the scent of ancient pages, of old, leather-bound books on dark wooden shelves.
In this magical library, where generous tables are laden with rare books just waiting to be read, a bouquet of peonies and violets permeates the air. You can feel the polished oorboards creak under foot, the velvety feel of paper embodied in a touch of peach, plum, and vanilla. As always, the scent of patchouli forms the basis of the formula.

Top: Peach, Plum
Heart: Violet, Peony
Base: Patchouli, Leather, Vanilla

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