Cire Trudon – Candle – Calabre

Cire Trudon

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  • Cire Trudon – Candle – Calabre
  • Cire Trudon – Candle – Calabre

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Cire Trudon
270 gr
55–65 timers brennetid

Calabria er en region i Italia som ligger langt i det sørvestlige hjørnet av halvøyen (tåen på "skoen") som soler seg i Middelhavsklimaet. Området er verdenskjent for sin produksjon av lakris og sitrusfrukter, spesielt bergamot og sitron.

Toppnoter: Røkelse, kamomille, sitrus
Hjertenoter: Cistus, myrra, krydder, jasmin, fiol
Bunnote: Vanilje, tonkabønner, musk, amber

Calabria is a region of Italy located in the far southwest corner of the peninsula (at the toe of the “boot”) that basks in a Mediterranean climate. The region is known throughout the world for producing liquorice and citrus fruits (especially bergamots and lemons).

On the Calabrian coast of Italy, licorice scents gently perfume the shores as they sail towards Africa. Smoothly blended by the wind with gust of myrrh and incense, they hum a Mediterranean hymn.

top note : incense, camomile, citrus
middle : cistus, myrrh, spices, jasmine, violet
base : vanilla, tonka bean, musk, amber

Burns for an average of 55–65 hours.

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