Diptyque – Hourglass Diffuser – Orange Blossom


kr 1.100,00 

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An alternative to the candle, this unique, original object reinvents the world of perfume. Simply flip it over in a single movement to sock the wick in the centre of the two glass sections, then place it on a table to ensure perfect air circulation. The fragrance takes around twenty minutes to flow through, in a soothing, hypnotic fashion, drop by drop. Without using heat or electricity, the scent stays intact and is released immediately, to enchant a room of up to 20 square meters.

If turned over four times a day, it will last for around two and a half months and can be refilled twice.

The hourglass diffuser refill allows you to extend the unique experience of this atypical diffuser.

Orange Blossom: A citrus freshness mingles with the bright Mediterranean, reviving memories of childhood aromas.

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