Embryolisse – Baume Riche

Embryolisse – Baume Riche

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Kuldekrem til svært tørr, irritert og sensitiv hud; ansikt og kropp
40 ml

Denne rike kremen pleier, reparerer og lindrer selv den tørreste, mest sensitive hud. Passer godt til sart barnehud og er en super kuldekrem for hele familien.

Rich Balm: Extremely nourishing cold cream. Ultra-concentrated in essential, moisturising, lipid-replenishing natural nutrients (olive extract, shea butter, white beeswax), it acts as a balm to nourish and repair, protect and soothe the most irritated and driest skins. Restored and reinforced, skin is supple, soft and radiant with a new feeling of well-being and comfort. The very rich and nourishing texture is like a cocoon that protects sensitive skin from external aggressions. Best for Very Dry, Irritated, Sensitive Skin.

How to Apply: Rescue your skin at any time and apply on face or body. Gently massage to make it penetrate. Avoid eye area.

Skin type: Very dry, irritated and sensitive skin