Erno Laszlo – Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion

Erno Laszlo – Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion

kr 930,00 Salg Lagre

Erno Laszlo
30 ml

Et silkemykt ultralett serum som tilfører fuktighet, jevner ut og reverserer aldringstegn.

Bruk etter toner, men før fuktighetskrem morgen og kveld

A silky serum with an ultra-lightweight texture that instantly addresses the causes of dry skin, working on three levels of your skin to restore and preserve precious moisture.

All skin types.

Powered by super-hydrators, it immediately soothes, smoothes and plumps skin, helping reverse the damage that dryness can do, thanks to a mix of moisture magnets. Erno Laszlo's Triple-Action Moisture Charge complex penetrates the three elemental layers of skin to attract and bind vital moisture and stop water loss. Silicon, a remarkable collagen booster, helps rebuild skin as it smoothes and fills the fine lines that come with dry skin; and lactose and milk protein detoxify and balance skin using active probiotic nutrients while defying environmental damage.

After toning but before applying your moisturizer, smooth over your face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Use morning and night.