Frédéric Malle – EdP – Une Rose 30 ml

Frédéric Malle – EdP – Une Rose 30 ml

kr 1.700,00 Salg Lagre

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle
Edouard Flechier, 2003
30 ml

Lipstick Rose i reiseformat. 

A dark rose.

An earthy rose is tinged with Périgord truffle for a subtle taste of the gothic. This crimson femininity is bound by wine dreg to a darker base, the rose’s secret roots. A garden flower with hidden depths.

Combining beauty, simplicity and convenience, the 30ml spray offers our signature uncompromising perfumes in a compact size whilst drawing aesthetic inspiration from 20th century conceptual art and modernist design.

In the spirit of Bauhaus, form follows function: a simple black cylinder in high shine polyethylene plastic with a matte anodised metal centre and magnetic cap. A most practical host for our iconic perfumes, both at home and on the go.
Wine Dregs
Truffle Accord