Laura Mercier – Accessories – Sponge 4 Pack

Laura Mercier

kr 160,00 

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Laura Mercier

Pakning med fire svamper for foundation, laget av syntetisk skum uten latex.

Use for extra control when applying foundation to all areas of the face.

    • Non-allergenic and made of synthetic non-latex foam
    • Holds product impeccably
    • Applies foundation smoothly and evenly
    • Maintain its form after repeated washings
    • Wash with mild soap and allow to air dry after each use
    • Replace when sponge begins to “pill” and lose firmness


  • Pick up a small amount of foundation from the back of your hand, working it into the narrow end of a sponge
  • Apply to your face, working one area at a time starting at the jaw line and working inwards

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