Laura Mercier – Accessories – Tweezers

Laura Mercier

kr 240,00 

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Laura Mercier

Pinsett av rustfritt står med ergonomisk grep for best mulig kontroll, og enklest mulig bruk. Laget av Tweezerman®

Uniquely slanted, stainless steel tweezers with an ergonomic grip for complete control and easy handling specifically designed for Laura Mercier by Tweezerman®

Slanted, perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips for precision tweezing.


  • Before tweezing, brush brows upward and outward with the Brow Grooming Brush
  • Tweeze stray hairs under the brow to open up the area between the eyes and eyebrows
  • Do not over tweeze – you can always go back and tweeze a few more hairs if necessary

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