Laura Mercier – Brushes – Face Brush

Laura Mercier

kr 385,00 

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Laura Mercier
5 cm

En rund sort kabukibørste av geitehår, laget for optimal dekkevne for større områder av ansiktet.
Det lille håndtaket passer inn i håndflaten og gjør det lett å manøvrere børsten raskt.
Ideell å bruke med med Mineral Powder eller Mineral Finishing Powder, samt andre puddervarianter.

A black, goat hair, kabuki-style brush with severely rounded edges and a gently cut angled head allowing for fuller coverage on the planes of the face.

  • Short handle fits into the palm of the hand for quick maneuvering
  • Ideally used with the Mineral Powder SPF 15 or Mineral Finishing Powder as well as other powder formulations


  • Pick up powder on the slanted face and distribute product throughout the brush by tapping on the palm of the hand before applying to the face
  • Use a buffing action to apply powder
  • Start at jaw line and in an outward, circular motion move towards the nose to apply powder

Basic Brush Care:

  • Always cleanse in the direction of the hair - never "swirl" or harshly rub brushes on any surface
  • Cleanse as needed in mild shampoo and warm water and gently squeeze water through the hair, or use Laura Mercier Brush Cleanser
  • Go from base to tip - and rinse thoroughly
  • Shape and allow to air dry on a flat surface - do not stand brushes on end to dry

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