Laura Mercier – Brushes – Powder Brush

Laura Mercier

kr 550,00 

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Laura Mercier
23 cm

En håndlaget 100% naturlig børste som er perfekt å bruke med løspudder. Fasongen på børsten gjør at det er lett å komme til mindre individuelle områder der det behøves. Perfekt å sette makeup med.

A hand-crafted 100% natural brush that is perfectly shaped to apply Loose Setting Powder.

  • Sculpted brush head allows for a more precise placement to individual areas when needed
  • Ideal shape for shape and texture for "all over" application of Loose Setting Powder and final "setting" of makeup


  • Dab the brush in powder and tap off the excess
  • Gently pat powder on desired locations of the face with the side of the brush until makeup is set and desired coverage is achieved

Basic Brush Care:

  • Always cleanse in the direction of the hair - never "swirl" or harshly rub brushes on any surface
  • Cleanse as needed in mild shampoo and warm water and gently squeeze water through the hair, or use Laura Mercier Brush Cleanser
  • Go from base to tip - and rinse thoroughly
  • Shape and allow to air dry on a flat surface - do not stand brushes on end to dry

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