Laura Mercier – Highlighter – Crayon Stick

Laura Mercier

kr 380,00 

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Laura Mercier

Silky crème crayons glide onto skin with a touch of jewel-like pearlescence. Sunset Bronzing Crayon enhances the glow of a fresh-from-the-sun tan, while Sunrise Highlighter Crayon accentuates angles and illuminates high points of the face. Both crayons can be layered or blended for customized effects.

To lift cheekbones, apply crayon directly on the upper ridge of cheekbones

To make the nose look more narrow, apply crayon down the center of nose

To bring focus to center of face, apply crayon to center of forehead, center of nose and center of chin

To raise and lift eyebrows, apply crayon directly under outer brow

To add fullness to lips, apply crayon to Cupid's bow

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