Laura Mercier – Lips – Lip Parfait

Laura Mercier

kr 280,00 

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Laura Mercier
3.5 g

Med Lip Parfait får du et livlig fargespekter av fantastiske hydrerende og behagelige leppestifter.I tillegg til farge og glans tilfører de en kombinasjon av vitaminer og ingredienser for fukt og volum. 
Kommer i 12 forskjellige farger.

Decadent. Delicious. Dreamy. The juicy and vibrant colour range delivers incredible conditioning and comfort with ease of application. In addition to colour and shine, this multi-functional formula features a mix of vitamins and butters along with smoothing and volumizing ingredients for the ultimate seductive and youthful looking pout. Guilt-free in 12 delectable shades.

Use a Lip Pencil to define and contour your lips. It should never be an obvious dark, harsh line around or on your lips. It should be subtle and natural-looking to help prevent bleeding and provide longer wear. Then use Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm to give you succulent colour with a ‘wet’ shine in one savory stroke.

Pro Tip: Apply an ombré lip by applying a lighter shade in the middle of the lips over a slightly darker shade, giving you a signature look and a fuller looking pout.