Malbrum – Tigre du Bengale


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Extrait de Parfum
30 ml
B. Kristian Malbrum

Vol. 1 is an interpretation of down-to-earth charm with ingredients from the Orient and Southeast Asia. The Trilogy was composed by master perfumer Delphine Thierry between August 2013 and June 2014. 200 of each kind has been made and numbered by hand in 2014.

The Bengal tiger shreds bark from trees and urinates on it as a territorial monument. The smell transmits highly complex messages to other tigers about its sex, size and social status. Tigre du Bengale luckily does not smell like shreds of bark with urine, but is a sensual, exotic elixir which opens with a dry aromatic “coke”-accord that gradually turns into a licorice-leather accord. The heart of myrrh and labdanum absolute lasts throughout the spiced-up erogenous dry-down.

Top notes: Juniper, cardamom, bergamot
Heart notes: Myrrh, cistus, labdanum
Base notes: Leather, castoreum, Burley tobacco, patchouli

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