Parfumerie Generale – 06.1 – Vetiver Matale

Parfumerie Generale

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Parfumerie Generale
Eau de toilette
Woody Ambery Powdery

50 ml

 Vetiver Matale er den tredje varianten i "Matale"-triologien. En robust og androgyn vetiverbasert duft med noter av varm og myk Bourbon vetiver, med et hint av røyk, kombinert med grønne teblader og blond tobakk-absolute.

With this third and last instalment of the “Matale Trilogy”, the perfumer offers a tender yet robust, androgynous vetiver. A particularly pure essence of Bourbon vetiver, warm and silky with the barest hint of smokiness, blends with green tea leaves and blond tobacco absolute. 

This woody-ambery axis, hovering between sophistication and agrestic notes, is set off by a contrasting powdery accord of heliotrope, Cashmeran and honey resinoid. Boosted to a 20% concentration, Vétiver Matale gives off a suave radiance.


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