Parfumerie Generale – 13 – Brûlure de Rose

Parfumerie Generale

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Parfumerie Generale
Eau de toilette
Oriental Woody Floral

50 ml

A stylistic composition dedicated to the Rose, surrounded by metallic and powdery tones.
To start with, a pungent note of Brazilian rosewood and greenery. The magic of  « a perfume within a perfume»; an ever-changing harmony which Pierre Guillaume have called « Rose Day » recalling the flower’s life cycle: The fresh, pearly, almost lemon-scented bud, then the new bloom, subtly modulating from the ethereal fragrance at its heart to the romance of its petals. Finally the mature flower, a potent trail of fragrance, warm, heady, metallic… All these elements are blended with rose amber and raspberry musk by a velvety harmony of vanilla and cocoa. Sumptuous and delicious!

Notes: Brazilian rosewood, Rose buds, Litchi, Raspberry, Sandalwood, Amber

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