Parfumerie Generale – 21 – Felanilla

Parfumerie Generale

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Parfumerie Generale
Eau de toilette
Woody Oriental Vanilla

50 ml

This feline vanilla is a vanilla for grown-ups; precious, generous and racy.  Subtly sweet and delicately animalic, Felanilla softens its star note with velvety iris, sprinkles it with the precious golden piquancy of saffron and wraps it in the luxurious cashmere of woods and burning amber. The result is so much more than just vanilla: It is a complex blend in which woods are as prominent as the title note. The deep, resinous banana wood is paired with hay absolute, and the union produces a wonderfully rich, dark accord that is simultaneously sensual and comforting. We hesitate to call this sultry vanilla fragrance “gourmand”; its edible quality is of the most abstract and the most exotic kind. Sweetly-spicy, indolent and animalic, this ferocious vanilla is a graceful predator ready to pounce. Sublime! 

Notes: Vanilla absolute, saffron, orris, banana wood, hay absolute, amber

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