Parfumerie Generale – 26 – Isparta

Parfumerie Generale

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Parfumerie Generale
Eau de toilette
Chypre Oriental

50 ml

“The province of Isparta in Turkey is famed for its rose oil, obtained from a variety called ‘Isparta Summer Roses’, which grows profusely in gardens and terraced fields on the soft mountain slopes. The roses are picked early in the morning when they are half-open and their fragrance is the strongest… intense, rich, slightly spicy.”

One of the best rose oils in the world is obtained from these “summer roses” grown in the gardens and hillside slopes of Isparta… Hence the oriental inspiration of this floral chypre. 

This Turkish delight is tinted purple by juicy, jammy berries – a natural facet of the flower – his rose petals are embedded in a rich bed of sticky resins. The sweetness of vanilla and cinnamon-tinged Peru balsam and benzoin is balanced by the darker, woody hues of incense, patchouli and agarwood. Amber and musk conjure the velvety softness of the blossom. 

Notes: Berries, summer rose of Isparta, Peru balsam, calamus, patchouli, incense, benzoin, agarwood, ambroxan, musk

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