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Parfumerie Generale

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Parfumerie Generale
Eau de parfume
Woody Floral

50 ml

Duften av en champacablomst rett før stormen på en øy i det indiske hav.
Den originale ideen var rett og slett å fange den spesifikke duften en champacablomst gir fra seg rett før stormen. 
For å få til dette trengtes det en veldig spesiell ingrediens. Den som kom nærmest denne duften var en nær slektning av magnoliaen, som frembringer den delicate friske, florale og litt fluktige duften.

The fragrance of the champaca flower captured just before a storm on an island in the Indian Ocean…

The initial idea, simple and beautiful, was to capture the particular scent champaca flowers gives off just before a storm… To achieve this effect, a very special ingredient was needed. One that came as close as possible to the flower, a close relative of magnolia, and that could evoke the utter delicacy of its fresh, floral, slightly fruity facets.

An outstanding essence of white champaca blossom, obtained through low-temperature fractional distillation with its natural waxes removed, carries us off to Réunion Island. The electric, ozone-laced air just before the storm is conjured with vetiver, pepper and Aldemone©, a synthetic molecule that smells of wide-open spaces after a rainfall. A selection of silky, purring musks adds velvety smoothness to a base dominated by black tea absolute and Cashmeran.

With Foudre (“Lightning”), Pierre Guillaume has created a textural, highly narrative woody floral: a wearable atmosphere.

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