Profumi Del Forte – Prima Rugiada

Profumi del Forte

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Profumi del Forte
Eau de parfum
Bertrand Duchaufour, 2014
Aromatic Aquatic

75 ml

Uskyldig og ren som morgendugg. Essensen av duften ligger i den sofistikerte akvatiske noten av en forsiktig regnskur på sen-våren. Beriket av en variert krydderbukett og friske blomsternoter.

Topp: Galbanum, sitron, bergamot, pomelo, oregano, mynte, sort pepper, røde bær, spisskummen, kardemomme og alehyder
Hjerte: Liljekonvall, cyclamen, rose, jasmin, fiol, tomatblad, freesia, vann, mirabelle
Base: Eikemose, patchouli, amber, guaiac, sedertre, vetiver, musk, balsam fir


As pure as the early morning dew, its essence lies in the sophisticated aqueous chord of a tingling late-spring shower. Enriched with a variegated, luminous bouquet of spices, now with the warm, enveloping notes of cumin and black pepper, now with the crispness of cardamom. The effervescent aldehydes, light and potent, exalt all the top notes. Then the flowers of violets, the leaves of the tomato plant, white freesia and mirabelle, before shading into a lively, slow-dimming golden sunset of patchouli and amber crossed by discreet clouds of fir balsam and musks.

…It was a late May morning. The sweetness of the cyclamens, the lilies of the valley, and the bright roses and early jasmine of that late spring was captivating; their accord with the dry notes of the pine needles, unexpected. The scent of coming rain exalted every fragrance; I understood – fully comprehended – just how alluring and startling can be the perfume deliquesced by the early morning dew in Forte dei Marmi.

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