RMS Beauty – Highlighter – Living Luminizer

RMS Beauty – Highlighter – Living Luminizer

RMS Beauty

Ingenting kan sammenliknes med en naturlig glødende hud. RMS Living Luminizer er den ultimate highlighteren for en sensuell, transparant, glød – et “must-have” produkt, og RMS’ absolutte bestsellere.

RMS Living Luminizer forsterker hudens naturlige ungdommelighet, uten å være sticky, fettete eller glitrende.

Fungerer for alle hudfarger og hudtyper.

Nothing compares in magically highlighting the skin. This formula is the ultimate illuminator for creating a sensuous, sheer, luminous glow.
A must have beauty product and our biggest seller.

Best of all, the living luminizer enhances the skin’s natural youthfulness without being sticky, greasy or glittery.

An ultra sheer, glowing, luminizer with a translucent, satin-pearl finish. This highlighter works great on all skin tones, making this a must-have beauty product.