Aromatic Stress Treatment

Tata Harper

kr 800,00 

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Tata Harper
Aromatic Treatment
5 ml roll-on

Beroligende og oppløftende blanding av økologisk dyrkede blomster og eteriske oljer som kan hjelpe mot angst og stress.

A 100% natural and nontoxic aromatherapy treatment. This soothing and uplifting blend of natural and organic florals and essential oils can help dispel anxiety and stress and promote relaxation.

  • Linden Blossom deeply calms with its sedative properties
  • Rose Otto gently alleviates anxiety and strengthens the inner spirit
  • Fresh floral Neroli uplifts and soothes the nerves; can help alleviate panic attacks, hysteria and shock
  • Frankincense deepens the breathing and relaxes mind and body