Une Forêt d’Or Paper diffuser with jar


kr 650,00 

  • Une Forêt d’Or Paper diffuser with jar
  • Une Forêt d’Or Paper diffuser with jar
  • Une Forêt d’Or Paper diffuser with jar

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100 ml

Une Forêt d’Or conjures up that moment after a walk in the forest when you decorate the house with snow-dusted pine branches and fresh oranges and mandarins.

Reinterpreting the pleats of the brand's iconic godron fragrance bottles, the innovative origami folds of the paper diffusers allow for optimal diffusion of the fragrance, and adds a unique colourful, decorative touch to your interior.
The Goutal paper diffusers have been carefully developped, using unique high quality paper to allow for optimal absorption and then diffusion of the fragrance.

Recommendations for use:
Pour the fragrance up to the line shown on the jar. The fragrance is absorbed and immediately diffused. When you wish to have a more intense diffusion again, pour more fragrance into the jar.

Contains a 100 ml refill. Duration: about 2 months, depending on the intensity of the diffusion desired.
Notes: Pine branches, Orange rind

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