Verso – 4 Antioxidant Turmeric Booster


kr 900,00 

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30 ml

Verso Antioxidant Turmeric Booster er et kraftfullt ansiktsserum med umiddelbar og langtids-virkende antioksidant-effekt. Gurkemeie og vitamin E bekjemper frie radikaler og forbedrer hudens kapasitet til å ta opp fukt. 

Bruk morgen og/eller kveld på renset hud, gjerne i kombinasjon med Versos dag- og nattkrem.


Verso Antioxidant Turmeric Booster is a powerful facial serum with immediate and long-term antioxidant effect. Enriched by Turmeric and Vitamin E it combats free radicals and improves the skin’s hydration capacity. The result is a more youthful appearance.


Turmeric protects the skin against UV-radiation and decreases inflammation, while Vitamin E works to block damaging free radicals from the surface of the skin. Oat lipids and oils from the Nordic countries with water-binding properties provide further replenishment and repair. This gel serum is light. Perfect for skin that tends to become red, damaged and uneven when exposed to the sun, it leaves the skin smooth, supple and soft to the touch.


To be used morning and/or evening. Apply a few drops on cleansed skin on the face. Layer with Verso Day Cream and/or Night Cream if needed.


In addition to Turmeric and Vitamin E, this booster contains tiny microalgae that kickstars and reinforces the skin´s antioxidant capacity, deliver powerful antioxidants and hyper-hydration.

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