Weightless Travel Collection

Philip B

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  • Weightless Travel Collection
  • Weightless Travel Collection

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Philip B
4 x 60 ml

PEPPERMINT AVOCADO SHAMPOO 2 FL OZ/60ML :  Refreshes and deep-cleans hair to keep it bouncy and gleaming. A generous dose of pure, crisp peppermint oil (2.3%) and 16 plant extracts create a tingly-cooling sensation. Adds lift at the roots. Clears away scalp oils and styling product residue to get your hair and scalp super-clean without stripping.

WEIGHTLESS VOLUMZING SHAMPOO 2 FL OZ/60ML.  With Magnolia Flowers Weightless Volumuzing Shampoo, contains molecules that break down dirt and debris particles, without stripping hair of essential moisture. The ultimate gentle deep-clean, creates natural lift at the roots while plumping up fine strands with weightless botanical moisture for extra body and lushness.

WEIGHTLESS VOLUMZING CONDITIONER 2 FL OZ/60ML.  With Magnolia Flowers, Weightless Volumizing Conditioner, is an ultra-light detangler that zeroes in on damaged areas, adding featherweight moisture to keep fine hairsmooth, healthy and gleaming. Active botanical agents (Rosemary, Sunflower, Aloe) provide your hair with needed moisture for effortless styling.

WEIGHTLESS CONDITIONING WATER 2.5 FL OZ/75ML. A first-of-its-kind, air-light conditioning mist that lets you spray on hair-healthy moisture, restoring bounce and smoothness while leaving your hair with a healthy gleam. Weightless Conditioning Water gives you the enviable results of a rinse-out conditioner and shine spray without the weight or the wait-time.


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