Une Foret d'Or Stick diffuser


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  • Une Foret d'Or Stick diffuser
  • Une Foret d'Or Stick diffuser

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190 ml

Une Forêt d’Or conjures up that moment after a walk in the forest when you decorate the house with snow-dusted pine branches and fresh oranges and mandarins.

Composed of an elegant glass bottle containing 190ml of perfume and eight scented sticks, this scented diffuser subtly diffuses continuously the magic scent of Une Forêt d'Or for several weeks.
Goutal scented diffusers are subtly and lastingly spreading our iconic scents over your home.

Recommendations for use:
Place the scented sticks in the bottle as you would do for a bouquet of flowers in a vase. To revive its scent, remember to turn the stems around regularly.
Notes: Pine branches, Orange rind

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