A Lab on Fire – Rose Rebelle Respawn EDT

A Lab on Fire

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  • A Lab on Fire – Rose Rebelle Respawn EDT
  • A Lab on Fire – Rose Rebelle Respawn EDT
  • A Lab on Fire – Rose Rebelle Respawn EDT

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A Lab on Fire
Eau de Toilette
60 ml
Perfumer: Sophia Groomsman, 2013

Nothing can harm you. Nothing can drag you down. When your strength is unlimited, it comes from the deepest, most fearless heart. Looking hard into the eyes of your future, you are steady and master it. It kneels before you, in awe. The allure of Rose Rebelle Respawn is boundless. Sophia Grojsman’s iconic fragrance returns, its femininity and daring irrepressible.

 A lush red rose dipped in deep, dark chocolate. Rose Rebelle Respawn begins with a flurry of green – ivy and mint – and a dusting of cocoa powder, and the combination is a bit startling for just a moment until the rose begins to unfurl her silky petals and everything becomes smooth and delectable. The powdery cocoa transforms into a rich, spiced chocolate, the rose reveals her liqueur-like sweetness and an enticingly peppery carnation joins in. There is a lighter-than-air incense weaving above and a sensuous musk whispering naughty things below and it all comes together in a warm, harmonious chord. This dances on the edge of decadence, but the dry down has such a soft and cozy quality that we think of it as a comfort scent. A wickedly flirtatious, unusually opulent comfort scent, that is – like wrapping yourself in a full-length velvet cloak. Delicious and elegant this notable floral was created by legendary perfumer Sophia Grojsman, who has a magical way with roses.

Topnotes: Ivy, mint leaves
Mid notes: Carnation, rose
Base notes: Musks, incense, cacao

Style: Modern, feminine


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