BYREDO – EdP – Inflorescence


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Floral, 2013
Eau de parfum

50 ml/100 ml, 3x12ml reiserefill

Inflorescence åpner med roseblader, fresia og en varm honningnote. Duften av magnolia og liljekonvall minner om våren, men fordi duften er kremet passer den til alle årstider. Inflorescence er rundet av med en base frisk jasmin.
Dette er den eneste duften fra BYREDO som kun inneholder florale noter.
Av duftlys i matchende duft kan vi anbefale Muguet, Freesia eller Loveless.

To celebrate the beginning of spring, nature’s perennial and powerful rebirth, Ben Gorham (Founder and Creative Director of BYREDO) envisaged a wild garden and a floral scent that would capture the strength and beauty of its blossoms, just as they reach their dramatic peak. The result, the wonderfully entitled Inflorescence, is an Arcadian stroll through untamed bowers of full-blown, rambling roses, interspersed by the intoxicating, honeyed notes of pink freesias in their prime. Two of Spring’s very first flowers lie at the heart; the creamy-soft allure of the Magnolia blossom, its petals fully open about to drop onto beds of quivering Lily of the Valley or ‘May Bells’ – in the language of flowers, symbolic of a ‘return to happiness’ and the joy associated with the onset of spring. Finally, and most unusually, Ben has used Jasmine at the base, again luxuriant and overgrown, a veritable riot of fresh sweetness that supports the structure and furnishes a heady close.

Top: Rose Petals, Pink Freesia
Heart: Magnolia, Lily of the Valley
Base: Fresh Jasmine

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