Nasomatto – Baraonda


kr 1.300,00 

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Extrait de parfum/ parfymeekstrakt
30 ml

“The fragrance encourages a raw taste sensation" says Nasomatto but this fragrance is both comforting and refined.

The name means “chaos” or “uproar” in Italian, but the fragrance itself is subtle and almost transparent. Baraonda smells like the pleasures of fall, painted with a light hand. A tumbler of whiskey held up to catch the glow from an open fire. Delicate little glass bowls holding red berries, quince, and apples baked slowly until they fall apart. An old book, open on the lap, filling the air with the dry, papery scent of lignin. A hint of caramelized wood resin dancing around the edges of the room but never closing in. Baraonda takes the heavy oil paints of the boozy-gourmand genre and uses them to make a watercolor so exquisite that it will have you savoring its taste on your tongue long after you’ve worn it.

Please note that Nasomatto doesn’t share the official list of the olfactory notes.

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