Intervju med makeupartist Fara Homidi

Fara Homidi er et av de nyeste tilskuddene i hyllene våre. Emma har tatt en prat med den anerkjente makeup artisten bak merket.


You have a long resume doing makeup in fashion, and have probably tried most of the best beauty products on the market through work. What was the drive behind making your own, super minimal, makeup line?

I saw a need in the luxury space for cosmetics that delivered clean beauty and planet-conscious packaging without compromising on quality, while still feeling like a coveted object that you would want to hold and have in your bag! Delivering a complexion considerate shade range was also an essential because most luxury brands see this as an afterthought or don’t have a full shade range at all. I believe you don’t need very many products to achieve a fully imagined look- quality is what matters and I’m always very intentional when launching a new product and creating systems of application with formulas that are extremely versatile.


Fara Homidi 

The makeup line is thus far limited to a few minimalist, high performance products for lips and complexion. How do you choose your colours?  For example the strikingly, bright ‘Red 1’: To me it feels like an instant classic, the red lip of the 2020s. How did this colour make it into your collection?

I created a collection of essentials knowing that nudes and reds are iconic. From day to night looks, these shades are staples in everyone’s collection but the question I'm answering is- "what is the modern nude or red and who is it for?" For me I wanted to slightly reinvent this idea, because the colors had to have complex undertones that suited a wide range of skin tones which is why I created two versions of nude and red. Also, when you look at a classic nudes, they are usually beige and instead of brightening the complexion they make it look more drab and for me my shades always have to brighten and uplift the face.


 Emma i Red 1 og Beurre


Clean beauty is a widely and vaguely used term, and on your website you have defined your own approach in your own words. For a bewildered consumer, how would you go about finding clean, quality beauty products that actually live up their name?

I would look for brands who are authentic, transparent and use ingredients and materials that live up to their promises. Furthermore, as a makeup artist, I believe products should go beyond clean in the sense that they also have to be innovative and best-in-class in  performance! One easy way for consumers to navigate these criteria is by going to trusted retailers who vet the brands they carry for both quality, ingredients and efficacy.


How did you get into the makeup business?

From the moment I could, I have worked with makeup. In my teens, my mother opened a beauty supply and salon, where I worked after school and on weekends starting at the age of 12. There, I would study fashion magazines and look at the hair, the makeup, the lighting and just dive into the fantasy of it all. I began at makeup counters, improving my artistry, and worked my way into the fashion industry. Now I have been a professional makeup artist for over 25 years. It’s been a long road, but the best thing I’ve done is always follow my gut instinct and push through the times when I’ve felt it wasn’t working in my favor.


From the Middle East to the West Coast: You were born in Afghanistan, but moved to California at a young age. How has your Afghan roots influenced your approach to beauty?

Afghan culture focuses a lot on warm family gatherings and feeling a sense of pride in how one looks is all a part of it. From what I’ve noticed, there is a very natural beauty element to it as well as a regal-ness, yet somehow a quite confidence that is shown through ones makeup, dress and attitude. All of this has influenced my outlook on beauty!


IG: @farahomidibeauty


You have worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, from designers like Miu Miu and Chloé to magazines like Self Service and Vogue. Do you have any favourite makeup moments from your career?

Painting the neon ears for Off-White SS19 was a stand out moment as well as Coperni SS23 viral sprayed dress moment! Bella’s makeup was so subtle there, but I’ve never seen her look more beautiful! The soft makeup complimented the dress so well. It’s not always about big makeup, it can also be about the right choice for the right moment, that has the most impact. Other than that my editorial shoots for ReEdition with Talia Chetrit or I-D with Zoe Gartner where the entire team traveled to Acapulco or Greece are some of my favorite editorials. I think location and adventure always brings out everyone’s creativity!


What is beauty to you, and when do you feel the most beautiful?

Beauty to me is authenticity and being unapologetically yourself- in any way that takes form. It could be hairstyles, it could be cosmetics or personal style, I'm attracted to signature looks, that feel intrinsic. However, on a very base level I feel the most beautiful by the ocean after a long day in the sun, salt and sea. Then, I feel so free, so beautiful.


Foto: Zoe Ghertner


Summer’s around the corner: What’s your hot’s and not’s for the season?


- slowing down and being present.
- two in one sunscreens that also enhance glow.
- reading thrillers.
- making out.
- going to concerts.


- high waisted bottoms.
- heavy base makeup.
- feeling guilty for having fun.
- overthinking anything.
- sunscreen with a white cast.

 xx Fara

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